Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Boss Hawg

The latest issue of The New Yorker is one of those subtle ones that you flick through at first thinking that nothing much catches the eye only to then get drawn into a 14 page article on wild hogs.

For those that have been sleeping, these beasts - which are rumoured to reach a length of ten foot and a weight of 1000 pounds - are pretty much rampaging across the US, having gone from being found in a limited number of states to being present in the majority of them. (Their expansion is in part down to human hunters live-trapping them and then exporting them back to their own grounds to hunt at their leisure.) The feral hogs are pretty much more resilient than roaches: they eat ey'thing from snakes to dogs, can swim two miles in the ocean and have survived hurricanes. There's also some corollary between a state having wild hogs in it and its likelihood of supporting Bush. Truly, the pigs go deep.

Then you end up skipping onto an article about chess machines and how they're now 'thinking' in creative ways that their programmers never intended them to work in. So, when the world's taken over by giant wild hogs being masterminded by huge chess machines and the whole thing resembles a pig-friendly version of Planet Of The Apes it'll all be our own fault.

Oh, the horror!


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