Monday, May 09, 2005

Southern Special

Front cover
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The new issue of Hip-Hop Connection magazine is full-to-overflowing with Old Boy Entertainment penned southern goodness. Along with the obligatory Lil Jon and Ludacris interviews (the latter compared to a Premiership footballer thanks to his cliche-cum-circular-logic style answers to questions), science is dropped on David 'Jesus' Banner's back catalogue, Pitbull talks about his Miami mentor Mr Campbell, Fresh gets a two page spread to vent at Bone Crusher, BG talks about why he hates bling, the Euro-crunk invasion is profiled, dollar bin down south gems are named, why Cash Money Records are better than Rawkus is explained, Rapid Ric talks about, well, whatever disco jocks talk about, Mike Jones's phone number buffoonery is commented on and, um, there's probably some other stuff we've likely forgotten. Oh, plus a free TVT CD attached to the front, which is certainly the first time that Bun B's rhymed words have been given away free with a UK magazine.

Also, outside the direct OBE camp, Doyen D and Dee Rock run through Rap-A-Lot's history, those top chaps over at governmentnames revise their top ten grills feature, T Rey takes pictures of Cee-Lo's belly while drunk in London, and Matt Sonzala of houstonsoreal fame drops a Screwston perspective on the boy Dizzee Rascal. (Who, admittedly, isn't southern, but has made moves with the Grit Boys, so that'll more than do.)

Cop it. It's trill.

In Search Of Beezel

Beezel was/is/might still be the most fantastic new southern rapper for decades. Rivalled only by perhaps Fresh when it comes to popularity in Croydon, he dropped the resolutely old-to-the-new sounding 'See About Ya' (with a lil' help from D Banner and B Crusher) on Def Jam South, leaked the two outstanding tracks 'Luggage' (with Juvenile) and 'Giant', and then promptly disappeared. Why? No idea. Being signed to a company who thought it was a good idea to put money behind Keith Murray might be one explanation (ou est Comp, too?), or it might have been Juve's actual-sexual-harassment-on-wax blurb on 'Luggage' ("That's too much I need to check your pass, ma/You ain't got no weapons or nuthin' by that ass, ha?/Call security for a random search/The girl's not regulation - examine her skirt...")

Whatever. If Old Boy Entertainment had a proper record label we'd sign Beezel in a minute. He's the truth.

Words Of Wisdom: 'Giant'

Even Chick Magnets Need To Check The Mirror

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"I've just been in the studio with Cam'Ron. He has a new Lamborghini. It's blue. It's off the hook..."

Swishahouse and Dip Set = game over.

In the meanwhile: 'Sittin' Sideways

Darned Expensive Sandwiches

The scene: The Koch offices in New York, a place so dour and depressing that Prozac is probably given out to workers during tea breaks.

The premise: Interviewing B Gizzle about, well, everything except his records on Koch.

The problem: Half way through the interview a female office worker knocks on the door and informs BG that he has to move to a new room. Why? They need to store some conference sandwiches in the room he's presently holding court in. You couldn't make it up.

Bizarre aside: Grandmaster Caz phones up during the interivew (the photographer goes deep in the game), speaks to BG and plans are made to collaborate.