Thursday, May 19, 2005

You Don't Grind, You Don't Shine

How many times is the chopped and screwed version of the Mike Jones album better than the original?

A million ga-zillion fa-fillion, that's how many.

Check it: 'Know What I'm Sayin''

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mmmm... Crossed Wires

Old Boy Entertainment: “Do you ever cook food?”

Mike Jones: “Cook what?”

OBE: “Food.”

MJ: “What?”

OBE: “Do you ever cook food, like in the kitchen?”

MJ: “What do you mean?”

OBE: “Do you ever cook? Do you have any recipes for food you could give us?”

MJ: "What? What do you mean?"

OBE: "Do you have any recipes for food to cook you can tell us?"

MJ: “Nah, I don’t do that.”

OBE: “Okay.”

(Disclaimer: Sarabeth's, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, cook some quite glorious food and have recipes for days. Hit them up on 212-496-6280 and tell them Mike Jones sent you.)

Roll Deep

Quentin's On His Way
Originally uploaded by oldboyentertainment.
Last Saturday Quentin T joined the Old Boys down at The Goose. We had no idea that the Pulp Fiction bod was such a South Park Mexican fan.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Rapic Ric

Rapic Ric's three Texas tracks to check for:

“My favourite track right now is the new Z-Ro song which features Paul Wall and Lil’ Flip and is called ‘From The South’. They actually sample DJ Screw’s voice saying “From the south/I got the diamonds in my mouth.” It’s such a beautiful song.

"Then there’s a Chamillionaire song he did with Killer Mike and Pastor Troy and it’s just amazing.

"And there’s an artist from Austin named Bavu Blakes with a song called ‘Too Selfish’ which brings more of the eclectic side to Texas hip-hop home. A lot of people just think we’re rapping about conspicuous consumption all the time but he’s bringing a lot more of the soulful side to things, like Common.”

(Full Rapid Ric interview coming in the next issue of Hip-Hop Connection.)

“You don’t have to go home…”

‘My Chrome’ - another new vital Killer Mike promo. Mr DJ blends up just the right amount of 80s synth sounds into the mix (think: a less bastardised take on Banner and Flippa’s ‘’Bout Our Money’ which for some reason drums up images of, er, The Clothes Show) while Michael and Big Boi tell ladies that they can fix their make-up in the chrome of their whip. Classy and time efficient.

The opening lines are just so right: “Easy, that good shit got me sleepy/Rolling down ‘85/Leaning but I ain’t weaving/Man you should stay a day in the A/A parade of them Chevrolets…” And on it goes, each word stretched out to some sort of stylish slur.