Friday, May 27, 2005

New Slang

Dip Set? E-Fonzarelli? 8Ball and his mate? Nah mane, the real slang was dropped by old boys like 'Big' Russell Maloney in the 1940s, speaking - and writing - real words.

The New Yorker wins again.

Now toast to that, Captain Jerk.

Coming soon: The first appearance of 'no homo' in Punch circa 1936.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Computer - only time you've seen a Mac..."

New Asylum signing Kiotti has just dropped a dope-out-the-park track with Chamillionaire which may or may not be called 'My Nerves'. MP3 here.

Next up: Pay attention boys and girls and watch Chamillionaire blow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Old Boy Plea

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Here at Old Boy Entertainment we find it impossible to sit back and watch whilst the world misunderstands our good friend David ‘Jesus’ Banner*. This man cannot be so cruelly ignored by the general public any longer+. Please don’t let him drift in undeserved obscurity, becoming simply another deity to be appreciated through rose tinted spectacles years after his death.

Lavell Crump is the friend that you just don’t know you have yet. Kind of like a big aggressive dog that keeps away the haters, yet soothes you in your darkest hour. However, on the eve of the most crucial release of his career, Banner needs your love.

True, he may not have the charming comic book characteristics of his friend Ludicrous Christopher, or the copyrighted ‘Yeeeeah’ of his friend Lil Jonathan Smith, but he gets close on both counts. Especially if someone takes it upon himself to build a hilarious Dave Chapelle style sketch around that low semi-barking grunt he does. (We just pray that Lenny Henry is reading this. You know, open him up to the European market.)

David Banner is the blue-collar champ with white-collar woes, you see. Who else could see ‘Fire Falling From The Sky’ as Bush is re-elected whilst still throwing ‘bows like the future of mankind depended on it? Who else did Steve Rifkind put at the heart of his re-up game ten years after Wu-Tang had made him famous? Who in fact is modern hip-hop’s everyman with a ‘movement’ that is all him, and only him? Banner.

Wistfully remembering where you were upon first hearing ‘Cadillac On 22s’ is an Old Boy’s favourite pastime, almost on a par with ordering that damn tasty Burger Meal Deal. However, does this help Banner in his quest for deserved world domination? No. Instead, we must embrace ‘Certified’ like a long lost relative and ignore those flashy releases from Snoop and the like with their ‘three hits maketh an album’ routine. We want the meat from Banner’s BBQ drenched in that political hot sauce (did you see the rugby?) and to share his southern struggle. In short we want you to rep to the death.

So, after three,

“M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I/Crooked letter-crooked letter-I/Hump your back, hump your back, I!”

(* Coming soon: Chuck D’s Top Ten Pieces Of Evidence That David Banner Is Jesus!)

(+ Aside: At one point OBE actually considered promoting ‘Mississippi: The Album’ on their own in the UK – Banner would have appreciated the love.)

Post Script

Oh yeah… and for further convincing and a preview of the '05 Laurel & Hardy, check out the physical comedy from Banner and Magic in the just released video for ‘Ain’t Got Nothing’. Even the appearance of Lil Boosie can’t take away from the fact that Banner is clearly trying to resurrect Eric Sykes’ ladder gag.

Video here. (Link courtesy of the good folks over at

Get buck here: 'Gangsta Walk (Certified Cake Combo Chiffonade Edit)'