Saturday, June 04, 2005

Home & Away

New Bay Area shit: Front Line's E-A-Ski produced 'Bang It'. Now bounce.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Boss Hawg Outlaw

Spotted on a carnvial ride at the Minnesota State Fair (there are Old Boys ey'where): Tom 'The Don' Selleck rocking a moustache that's straight Florida retirement style and a dapper blue cap (the 'D' stands for dangerous, as if you didn't know).

Consider the bar for spraycan art raised.

Never Sea-Sick

Bone Crusher. 'Gilligan's Island' remix.
Only sport open-toed sandals if you're Old Boy down.

(Kiotti & Chamillionaire MP3 finally up as well - scroll down a bit to grab it.)

The Chart Show

1. Gucci Mane 'That's My Hood'
Feels so hood - and with a tempo to take you back to the Jodeci ballad days...

2. Pitbull 'Crank Up The Dank'
A great look for PitBeezy, as he's known in the Goose*.

3. Grit Boys feat. Paul Wall 'Drank In Your System'
One more fix of the people's champ.

4. Killer Mike 'My Chrome'

5. Young Jeezy 'Stay Strapped'
Modern beef cooks so damn quickly these days! We await the Gucci Mane response without baited breath.

(Goose = Public house more real than even Barry Proudfoot's The Wheatsheaf.)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We Got The Good Shit!

Or, MP3s, to be precise. Music's now been added to the last David 'Jesus' Banner, Beezel, Mike Jones and Paul Wall entries. And the world's hardest freestyling, Pitbull, drops this on Rich Boy's soon-to-be classic 12": 'Get To Poppin' Freestyle

Another Day, Another Cover Version

Originally uploaded by oldboyentertainment.
Tony ‘Baldrick’ Robinson and the Time Team ‘digging in the (Anglo Saxon) crates’ crew are about to release their debut single, ‘Whoomp! There it was’.

Covering Tag Team’s huge Miami bass fuelled hit ‘Whoomp! There It Is’from the early 90s, this picture shows proof it is actually going to happen.

(Note: This probably reads better whilst tipsy.)