Monday, June 13, 2005

A Pleasant Surprise...

Young Jeezy

A fine Jersey cow (not related)

We're not going to lie. We weren't sweating the Young Jeezy LP. But dammit, ‘Thug Motivation: 101’ is on constant rotisserie around these parts!

It’s a guarantee for those missing that Atlanta swagger, coming off like a simplistic version of ‘Trap Musik’ whilst T.I. gets his re-up on. In fact, it even has its own ‘Rubberband Man’ in the form of ‘My Hood’.

Jeezy is going to surprise a few people with this LP, if not with the lyrical content where he unapologetically sticks to the script. The beats, however, all bump hard, with some cuts like ‘Dope Boy’s’ taking it into 9th Wonder territory – and it works. Even Mannie pops up lending his support.

Gotta say too, that whole breathless rap style that Jigga perfected - and Lil Wayne loves so much - is catching on…