Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

The hot ringtone ethic right about now is obviously mixtape ringtones. Customise your phone with an MP3 straight from the latest streetsweeper, complete with shouting, shout outs and general ruckus. These are the latest Goose-approved selections that will have all in the vicinity getting buck when your mum calls to see what time you want picking up from the station:

Kay Slay ‘NYC Drama’ Track 16 – ‘Rollin’ by John Doe, Timbaland and Lil Jon
“New York drama motherfuckers!”

DJ Whoo Kid ‘Hell Up In Hollywood’ Track 8 – ‘We Stay High’ – Young Buck, 3 6 Mafia and 8Ball and MJG
“For the first time it's going down – history baby! Samuel L Jackson what's up?”

Rapid Ric and Mr Rogers ‘After Da Relays 2K5’ Track 14 – ‘Lil O Speaks’ – Lil O and Bun B
“Fuck being polite we finna go upside a hater head in this bitch!”

DJ Envy ‘Purple Codeine 2’ Track 23 - ‘BG Interlude’ – BG
“You already know how we got it rockin' like a cut off stocking!”

DJ Kool Kid and Paul Wall ‘Sittin Sidewayz’ Track 19 – ‘From The South’ – Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Lil Flip
“Come on man it’s a fucking movement!”