Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dusk Before Fireworks

Each day the waking sun brings around another new Slim Thug verse.

Each day as the morning breeze sets out on its errands, old boys across the land (or, at least, in the holy concrete land of Croydonia) pray to the good Lord up above that someone will actually release Slim Thug’s album.

Each day as the sun wanes the disappointment gets slightly easier to deal with.

Liquor helps.

(Disclaimer: Hey, come on, have you seen some of the other crap people post on music blogs? We can get away with this sort of whimsy at the very least!)

Proving that Polack servant-girls have their feelings, too...

Between bringing up Beatnuts and Grand Puba remix memories and the line “Old school wanna do the Kid-N-Play to it…”, Nappy Roots' 'Rewind' is quite the ticket.

The less said about David ‘Jesus’ Banner’s still-awful-no-matter-how-many-just-one-last-second-chances-you-give-it ‘Play’ the better. Get back to saving the kids, Lavell. Please.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Chamillionaire’s Truth

Cham’s cadence can come over as slightly brittle and off kilter until you’re accustomed to it, but here he flows fluidly to the fullest. (Gunshots courtesy of Whoo Kid. Applause from the forward-thinking rap minority.)

Forget the usual next-to-blow suspects and hype riders – this kid’s talent eclipses them all with such ease. He's Bun B certified too.