Saturday, July 09, 2005

Turn It Up

Boom! Blam! Explode! World exclusive! Etc! That’s what we’d likely be saying were we a radio show having just been vested with this new Chamillionaire track. Lil’ Flip guests and Scott Storch is behind the boards. Now pay attention boys and girls and watch the H-Town boy blow.

"For the first time it's going down - history baby! Croydonia what's up?"

Crime Mobb. The Hives. Knuck if you motherfucking buck.

(Butchering and mixing courtesy of J 'Prince' Plates. Fall back you trendy kids - there's a new mash-master in town.)

Dipped In Diamond Fondue


The clamour to sign southern - and particularly Houston - rappers has been fuelling the rap rumour mill for the best part of the last couple of years (see Jigga in XXL stoking the fire further), with those missing the boat cursing every time they hear ‘Still Tippin’’ drip from the radio. Pharrell though is a smart man, getting in at ground level with the acquisition of the Slim Thugga franchise.

However, after teasing us with a couple of incredible singles, an LP was suddenly leaked to the net without promotional fanfare and the opportunity seemed missed. Whilst that release was as tight as anything you’d expect from the Neptunes camp, it was just that: ‘from the Neptunes’. Now on the official re-up, Slim Thug gets the soundtrack he deserves. The grooves are more intense throughout and slowed music gets its first Star Trak feature on ‘Diamonds’ and anyone concerned about the omission of many of the original cuts will instantly suffer memory loss upon hearing ‘Boyz N Blue’ and ‘Already Platinum’. The latter features an inspired Pharrell getting into character talking about his wrist “dipped in diamond fondue” meanwhile producing Slim Thug’s baritone to even more menacing effect.

Getting his Biggie on proves a natural move too for Slim Thug with ‘Ashy To Classy’ while the obligatory sensitivity is done almost MC Shan style on the 80s infused ‘Miss Mary’. Club concessions are a pre-requisite of a Star Trak deal of course, but again these are done with style and no little assistance from rap’s most underrated, Pusha T, on ‘Click Clack’.

The unavoidable boast in the LP’s title was always more of an allusion to Slim’s previously self-managed sales, but could easily be a risk that contributes to a career millstone. However, in its final form ‘Already Platinum’ is a calculated risk at worst.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Maybe I'll Do It For Charity

Despite missing the event due to being busy sorting out the logistics of Thursday's Hip-Hop Karaoke, Old Boys somehow hit up the official Live8 after-party at some swanky club on Saturday. Amongst gratis beer dranking and sushi sampling, Cakeboy, complete with famed party hat, was seen doing what's been described as "a mentalist farmer's hoe down" to Missy, Rob Damn popped-up his collar and debated some sort of Joss Stone versus Dido conundrum, while Lil' Phlip was last peeped loungin' on a plush sofa rocking sandals and shorts.

Big shout to Hymania for the red carpet hook-up.