Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Too Selfish

Fresh from signing to a label we’re not sure we can most definitely reveal yet, Bavu Blakes hit up Manhattan’s hipster set the other night with a 20 minute PA that saw him walking through the bar freestyling at will. Mighty impressive.

Peep his Texan take on hip-hop here then hit up his website for more.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Staying Fly

Three 6 Mafia 'Stay Fly' Video

On some Bruce Lee, 'Natural un-naturalness' type speed, Juicy J, Crunchy Black and DJ Paul host as Gorilla Unit's Youngest Buck and southern rap bods 8-Ball and MJG guest with an incredibly catchy ditty. It's first track to be lifted from their next full length outing, 'The Known Unknowns' and, on the video tip, springs into action with some Miami Vice opening credits type visuals, an emphatic 'Yeah!' and then some Ocean's Eleven style sweeping sandy coastline camera sways. Fortunately, the soundtrack comes from 3-6 Mafia not Lil' Jan Hammer.

From here we sweep from the chopper shots to a hotel where we discover that young Juicy has decided to trade his silky white sheets and some attractive young ladies for matter altogether more pressing; namely, he's forgot to put his dentures in. Then, ah, what the hell, just download it and watch it all unfold (wet bathroom hand towels, OAPs on a Saga holiday and all).

Verbally, the wonderfully entertaining yet worrying highlight is the snippet;

"DJ Paul is a dog, one you do not cuss,
You leave your green around me,
Your green gonna get lit up,
You leave your drink around me,
Believe your drank gonna get drunk up,
You leave your girl around me,
And she bet she gonna get stuffed."

Hide the Benylin next time Walnuts is round for supper then.