Friday, September 02, 2005

Still Fly

Hip-Hop Karaoke London went down a treat last night. Full range of pics over at the website, but Old Boy lowlights included:

The Trick Daddy Shirt Part 2 (Part 1 coming soon)
(Note: Picture removed at poser's request.)

Yurple: The Movement

The Party Hat substituted for a pastel lime green shirt

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pick 'Em Up

Last night, after hitting up a Sony Playstation sponsored break-dancing painting visual fiesta (no, us neither, but when you're in the area it's simply too rude to turn down gratis beer from Brasil), a dalliance into Tower Records to peruse their magazine selection saw a sighting of ?uestlove from The Roots snapping up a selection of 'Three For £20' CDs, including Definition Of Sound, Kanye (er, can't he just get 'em for free?) and our Lisa from Bolton. A frugal be-afroe'd man then.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reggae Techno

"Not too sure about this one..."

"Come on, it's 99 cents; that's like 60 pence plus there's 75% off it!"

"The press release stapled to the front of the record does look kinda interesting - from Atlanta, namechecks Quad City Deejays and 95 South as influences and assures that it's suitable for 'Heavy club play!' "

"1997 was a good year for that sort of bassy bounce music, trust me."

[Three days and one listen later.]

"You know that '1997 is a good year for that sort of bassy bounce music' record? It's bloody reggae techno. I shit you negative. Not even Hollertronix would play that."


Monday, August 29, 2005

Probably The Greatest Show In The World?

Imagine an event like this: P 'Everything I do is with a certain level of class and sophistication' Diddy hosting and giving a Jacob watch away to a kid in the crowd, Grandmaster Flash spinning, Luke running on stage to drop 'I Wanna Rock' so the Diddymeister can dance to it, MC Hammer performing, and Jay-Z giving Diddy dirty looks for somewhat acting the fool.

Well, imagine no more as it was real and available to peruse on your TV. It's called the MTV VMA Awards and, say what you like about ol' Music Television, but it was top entertainment. And it all went down without any violence, too.*

Other than a scheduling oversight that saw it going out at the same time as vintage golfing bible Caddyshack (aka game truly recognising game) and the final of America's Top Model, it was top Sunday night televisual fare.

(* We jest.)