Friday, September 23, 2005

Red Carpet Regal

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The rap Frankie Carson and the new Big Daddy Kane. Holler!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let Is Snow

Is Young Jeezy the new Busta?

The current cameo of choice is now giving Slim Thug a leg-up with the remix of 'Diamonds', hoping to make people still care about the Boss Hogg as Swishahouse get it on lock.

Jeezy himself is becoming more idosyncratic each time however, punctuating virtually every line on his P$C appearance with his crop of catchphrases (Yeeaah, Eeeey, and so on).

In fact Jeezy is so hot right now that the only way he could make himself more buzzworthy was to grab an appearance from Hov (thankfully dumping Fat Jidoe). Now with those two cropping up on another freestyle together, maybe
the young Snowman's grind is the real touchpaper for Jay-Z's re-ignition into the game?

On an unrelated note, Rapid Ric's great 'Getcha Weight Up' mix CD contains the current best rap title in Lil O's 'Curious Hos Peepin Flow'. It's like an 80s throwback with candypaint and misogyny.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

He's From Mississippi Y'All

Not quite as popular as the bible yet, David 'Jesus' Banner nevertheless went all acoustic at a recent N'Awlins benefit gig. Keep preaching the good book like this and we'll forget about those first six or so tracks on the new album, Lavell. And the rock one at the end. And that one with Kweli.