Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The only thing that could possibly make this picture better would be for it to have been snapped by Uncle Normski.

Game recognising game on so many different levels.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop

The new Hip-Hop Karaoke London night will be on Thursday October 20th at The Social (new venue due to popular demand and all that).

Anyone turning up and performing 'Long Island Wildin'' while doing the Patti Dooke will get some sort of special prize you can't buy in record stores. Like a kitten.

G-G-G-G-Guess Who?

Young Buck on G-Unit's southern takeover:

“I got a few big name artists from down south that I never thought I’d even be talking to never mind signing for G-Unit South. It’s like I’m in the projects looking at these dudes all over TV and listening to they shit in cars and then I’m talking to them on the phone.

“Who are they? It’s more than one and one of them is locked up at the moment. I’ll let you all think real hard about that...

"A few are at the end of their situations and I can provide what they’re looking for at G-Unit.”