Friday, October 07, 2005


As per the email sent out:

Dear GWEB members; a mailout that's slightly out of the ordinary; below is a message regarding UK hiphop personality DJ Swing. Please read carefully, and think if you can help in any way. For non-UK subs; do you have family in U.K who could help? Thanks.

You may be aware of the situation facing Dj Swing, ex member of The Boogie Bunch. He has leukemia, & there was a tv documentary in the U.K about the search for a bone marrow donor who matches 100%. Unfortuntaly, so far, there hasnt been a match.

DJ SWING has 12 days from TODAY to find a donor, or the op to save his life cannot happen.

We know there have been many emails about Swing's plight, and those in the London area may hear a new radio ad from his friends appealing for people to have a blood test in the search for that elusive match.

Anyone in the UK can go into a hospital and ask to give a blood test, and tell the doctor they need the results relating to bone marrow to be put on the national database urgently. Phone hospital first to ensure they do it-some don't
Swing's doctors are checking the database daily, so nothing will be missed. If there's a match, theyll see it, and they can get in touch via the hospital where the blood test happened.

This is the last chance for someone who not only gave a lot to UK hiphop, but who is universally acknowledged to be a really good guy.

Please put the word around, if you have a newsletter, site forum, ANYTHING of the sort; then please spread the word.
12 days folks...


Please email: for more info.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


'Featuring ODB' is now nothing more than a red light to avoid the track in question, but Rhymefest's 'Build Me Up' bucks the rule.

Sounding a little like that track on Q-Tip's unreleased album where he was singing about going down to Mexico and checking out girls in boots or something, Ason Unique croons his way through the chorus to 'Build Me Up Buttercup' while Kanye's theologically-inclined ghost-writer of choice drops gems. Surprisingly dope.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Reasons Why You Can't Dig Rap Without Having A Sense Of Humour: Part One

There's a bloke in the ATL who Sony are just starting to promote called Big Floaty who's featured on a track called 'Don't Play That Shit'. Really, you couldn't make it up.

(Insert joke about a Big Pooh and Big Floaty collabo being 'the shit' here.)