Friday, October 28, 2005

A David Banner Interview

So who actually produced 'Bout Our Money'?

[Smiles mischievously] "Me."

Somewhat longer interview coming soon.

"Here's a list of emcees that'll kill you in eight bars...

50, um, Jay-Z and Nas."

If tonight's Powerhouse jam goes down as rumoured then Old Boys will be split between Fif' and Jigga. Whatever happens, it'll be highly entertaining rap fare, and just as much as you don't want to forget how vicious 50 was in his mixtape days, you also don't want to overlook how much of a "vindictive lady"* Jigga man can be.

(* Characterisation courtesy of someone very close to the camp we aint' gonna name!)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Did you know that Cyber Sapp, who did 'Hey Cake Boy', also produced 'We Ride Them Caddies' and that Domo is also the..."

Tomorrow Old Boys will be scaring the mentalist wits out of Lavell 'DB' Crump by turning up to parlay with him in 'Whut It Dew' and crooked letter state t-shirts while packing a pile of records to sign he probably doesn't even remember (Native's storming 'Put It Down' anyone?). On-site interivew coming soon. In the meantime go back and re-bump 'Mississippi: The Album' - pure five mic business.

Dance... Ya Know It?

Westwood turning down Strictly Come Dancing? Probably good to see integrity still exists. But man, we're all secretly wishing it didn't!

Miracle 'Bounce'

"Georgia boys/Real McCoys/Miracle with Pastor Troy..."

A fine 1999 vintage. There's just something about strained and gravelly voiced rappers from ATL that works so well.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lavell's Out

So Banner's chance to put on a gig in London (largely for the benefit of, um, about five people) has been scuppered due to some grime oiks getting the gig cancelled by the Met. Oh well, guess Old Boys will have to trek down to boogie down Bristol in their Whut It Dew and Mississippi shirts to shout along to every word and then jet before Kano's probably even arrived at the venue.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sho' Is Fun

Meet Merv. Here he's rocking his finest purple finery while pimpin' the strip at Times Square. And while Merv rocks the crushed velvet on the regular, yesterday he was joined by a motley array of wannabe pimp pups to celebrate the First Annual Dog Day Masquerade. Bones got thowed.

Read These Nikes

It's tricky to start making people contemplate not liking Run-DMC but last night's Adidas party (for, um, something or other) came close, lowlight being the bastardised Run-DMC logos spelling out things like 'Broken Jazz' (playboy please...).

So, make that a round of Air Force 1s all round then.

Monday, October 24, 2005

On The Mic

Pictures from the third Hip-Hop Karaoke London night are now up here.

Also, hit up the New York Hip-Hop Karaoke blog to download that shit is bananas Rhymefest and ODB 'Build Me Up Buttercup' track.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Things that suck about living in London: No.1

Not being able to attend the Trick Luv Da Kids Spooktacular Halloween Fundraiser later this month down in Will Smith's Miami.