Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Yo! Rednecks, coloureds, Asians, Africans, Ethiopians; Whatever you is... Lil' Flip is back as Fliperraci..."

This time round ex-Cash Money in-house board-honcho Mannie Fresh assists on production credits. 'Freshly Snipes', as Byron Thomas now wishes to be known, adds recogisable haunting synth horns and an addictive touch to the first track to be taken from Flip's next album, 'I Need Mine', dew to drop (sorry) December 6th.

Allegedly, young Flippa "Owns ten watches but [he's] never on time". The youth, eh?

Reason Why There Won't Be A Secret Crump Gig In London

"He's gone to Germany for a big TV..."

The mind doth boggle.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who's Going To Step Up?

Lil Wayne up front on XXL certainly looks mighty healthy, and those southern boys inside is to be welcomed, but you can't help feeling we're waiting on that next classic LP to elevate things once more. It's great to see the sales, the attention and the rest, but New York rested on its laurels one too many times and then suffered the fate of the hand dealt by the other regions.

With Outkast coming back for a final hurrah in December, it's unlikely that they're going to step back to the days of 'Southernplayalistic...' and Purple Ribbon's finest, Killer Mike, has just waited too damn long now!

Rap A Lot consistently do their thing, but last year seemed to be their year for classics from Devin and Z-Ro. The old vets can't hold it down for ever - but who would bank against Scarface pulling it out of the bag once more? It's not happening anytime soon though.

TI stepped up, but 'Trap Musik' still felt more natural. Banner openly admits his agenda has changed. Paul Wall and Mike Jones are doing their thing, but are unlikely to emerge as leaders. Bun B is solid as ever - but it's too diverse to rival 'Ridin' Dirty'.

Luda is in his club rocking comfort zone and Lil Jon is now in re-up mode - inevitable after such domination. Then Lil Wayne saying that the Mannie beats have been removed from his LP doesn't bode well, as Weezy F Baby's talent deserves a classic.

The most likely to succeed remains Young Jeezy and the movement he's driven all year. Jay-Z believes and 'Let's Get It' has hood standard status locked down.

It's on them right now, and pressure comes with success, but who's going to step up?