Friday, November 11, 2005


Always nice to see another trainer with a silly motif. Young 'Snowman' Jeezy gets a signature Adidas Superstar...


Or maybe just, 'No'.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

20/07/71 - 16/11/00

Months back the good old boys over at Murda Funk sent over a batch of mix-CDs. But, as when happens when you get too much of something, the pile looked too daunting to check out properly. Come today's seventh hourly repeat of Sky Sports News though, one of them was popped on. And? Their 'RIP DJ Screw Tribute Mix' is blinding stuff, all soulful in its slurring yet still keeping a funky to the bone bottom edge. Highlights? Master P rocking well on 'I Feel Like', Big Moe's 'City Of Syrup' and Lil' Flip's 'So Real'.

Check out their warped European musings over at the Record Company Records shack.