Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yawnsome Cowboy

Some more lame fabricated beef here.

To wit, once upon a time a few month's ago during that week when it was really really rainy in New York I interviewed Rhymefest. During the inteview he started to do that thing he does during interview of breaking into one of his raps. After which he started to explain his words by way of example and brought up the UK crew SAS and proceeded to somewhat dis them. I let him ramble on about them and, having little interest in reporting on a beef so bemusingly matched, carried on with the interview, again never mentioning either of the SAS bods but instead talking about stuff like the time he worked in a flower shop.

Come the time to write it up, the article was submitted with a series of box-outs - small quotes outside of the main article consisting of generally short and snappy comments - including his views on SAS. The number of box-outs run next to an article largely depends on the whim of the designer laying the pages out and, as it happens, this time the SAS one ran.

Now Mr 'Fest has decided to dispute his very own words (words which are still recorded on tape - well, that iPod voice recorder thingy anyway) on the AllHipHop website. Yawn.

What really annoys about the whole thing, beyond the entire made-up nature of it all, is the insulting inference that I would ask him - or any rapper - such a lame question as what groups from a country they don't live in they like. It's just a really, really crap question and one that I've never asked. (I do, however, always make a note to ask superstar rappers what their favourite colour is - that's cool.) When you reach the veritable heights of spending 20 minutes talking to Killer Mike about why he's driving around with a load of catfish in his car with apparently nowhere to go you really don't want to fall back on such uninspired tat as, 'So, which UK rappers do you like?'

So, um, yeah, don't believe the fake beef shite.

Sarah Silverman still rocks though. PM

(As an aside, it's also highly annoying that if you are going to end up dragged into some form of charcoaled, broiled or foiled 'beef' with a rapper then it should at least be for something vaguely interesting, like the time I wanted to get an autism specialist to analyse Kanye West's interview behaviour and see if he checked all the right boxes to be declared as one of the special children. Oh well.)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Get an ass-whoopin' like Rodney King got..."

While Aaron McGruder's animated version of The Boondocks comic strip seems to have passed up the opportunity to bring edgy hip-hop generation humour to the masses, preferring instead to try and shock based on the singular idea of cartoon characters saying the n-word, Sarah Silverman -, a white, thin, Jewish girl - has managed to tap into rap's 'everything's fair game' make-up superbly.

Her Jesus Is Magic film/stand-up routine contains her flipping the script on everything from the holocaust ("Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ. And then the Jews try to pass it off on the Romans. I'm one of the few people who believe it was the blacks.") to telling an ex-boyfriend defined as "half-white" that "He would have made a really expensive slave in olden times." Not to mention a 9/11 joke co-starring American Airlines that shouldn't work but, perhaps due to her deliberately conceited delivery, does.

At times she's a little juvenile in her shock antics, but the mainstream hasn't seen such hip-hop au fait comic sensibility since Curb's Larry and Krayzee Eyez Killa exchanges.